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Dr. Eva Shepherd (Kate Miner) is fighting every day to keep her patients alive. After opening her home to a fugitive, a host of memories and revelations blur the frontier between right and wrong, dreams and reality. A gesture of goodwill soon becomes a twisted triangle of sex, deception and supernatural events that will make Eva question everything she knows.



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Kate Miner as Eva Shepherd (Shameless, NCIS Hawaii, The Campaign)

 US Army Pandemic Doctor. Very committed to her work. She masks her shame about an incident from her past as a coping mechanism. Vulnerability makes her uncomfortable, so saving lives and helping people comes first.

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Jason Canela as Patricio Diaz

(The Young and the Restless, Mrs. American Pie, The Rookie

Committed boyfriend to Eva. Professional soccer player. His sensible yet humorous disposition helps ground Eva.

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Katalina Viteri as Isabel Santos

(Midnight in the Switchgrass, Fortress, Robot Apocalypse)

At first glance, she looks helpless but she is a vixen in sheep’s clothing. A demon in disguise, to be exact.

The Mint

The NFTs

Our Vision

Our mission is to revolutionize movie production financing by utilizing non-fungible tokens (NFTs) technology. We believe that there are more ways to empower movie producers to finance their production work and to connect with their community and fans in unprecedented ways. By embracing NFTs, we can unlock new levels of digital and in-real-life engagement, such as walking on the red carpet and creating a stronger relationship within the ecosystem.

The Stay Safe movie is already in post-production, and we have enough funds to complete and release it. We're launching an NFT collection for the movie because we believe in share ownership and want everyone to be part of something they're passionate about, and enjoy the profit share as a co-owner of their invested movies! We're excited about how NFT technology can empower independent and small production teams with the experience to connect with film lovers. We're inspired to be pioneers in the movie industry and inspire others with this technology.

Join us today!

Revenue Share Model

Collect money from NFT sales from Smart Contract (1).png

Don't just watch it, own a part of it.


Own a part of the "Stay Safe" Movie.

We are the producers of the movie and we have been producing successful films for many years. As the digital market evolves, we have decided to build a brand new experience by creating direct relationships with movie fans. We crafted a unique collection of Digital Collectibles from the "Stay Safe" Movie. Those collectibles are made as NFTs. Each digital collectibles are unique, and represent fractionalized film ownership.

Owning a Stay Safe NFT gives you an entry in the Hollywood Film Industry, A unique piece of the movie, profits share in perpetuity, and more.

NFT Collection Details

  • Total supply: 8,800 NFTs

  • Mint price: $120 USD each

  • Chain: Cardano Network 

  • Collateral asset: 50% ownership of the Stay Safe Movie

  • NFT holders own fractional IP of the Stay Safe Movie

NFT Preview


Production Team

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